Your email welcome sequence is one of the most important things your brand can have, and for good reason. Your welcome sequence is the start of building a relationship with your client, it's the place that houses all of the different ways to work with you, and it's the place you're telling your story. I often tell people to do their welcome sequence BEFORE they begin their website, because it forces you to get super clear on what you're saying and what you're offering. 

These templates are filled with guided prompts, ideas, and more. They're truly fool-proof! If you've never known what to say or you've been putting your welcome sequence off, this is for you! 

THE Features

1. Welcome Sequence

5 Email templates strategically designed to convey your brand mission 

Guided prompts and story lines inside each email with clear, easily answerable questions to help you clearly communicate to your client

A brand new FloDesk training on my absolute favorite tips and tricks to make the most of the platform

*Please note these templates work for FloDesk only! If you're not a FloDesk user, they also come with a free trial to test it out, or view the copy and convert to your own email platform. 


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I get it - telling your clients you need to raise rates induces SERIOUS feelings of anxiety, imposter syndrome, hives - you name it. So many of my clients avoid writing this email for months - costing them literally thousands in lost revenue... so I removed the road block and wrote it for you! 

There isn't a single industry that apologizes so much for raising their rates worse and more often than the wellness industry. It's my mission to arm you with the communication to progress your business, let your clients know, and maintain dignity and trust while doing so. 

This bundle includes two trainings and workbooks for optimizing your revenue and pricing strategy. Friday Society Members, you already have these trainings, so your discount code accounts for this! 


2. Price Increase Bundle

3 emails written and designed for you - one for group settings, one for private settings, one for recurring members

Copy that conveys value and expertise proven to eliminate pushback

2 hours of pricing strategy trainings 

17 page revenue stream workbook to organize your revenue streams and optimize your energetic balance 

A brand new FloDesk training on my absolute favorite tips and tricks to make the most of the platform

trust building - revenue generating - expertise lead



This email template is for you to send whenever someone joins a new membership with you! The goal is to inform them of all the ways their membership can be used to it's full potential, and give your customer ease! 


3. FREE Membership Welcome Template

1 email written and designed for you:
1. Membership Onboarding

FloDesk Only! You may purchase these and copy the wording and image blocks into another email provider if you so choose. 

trust building - expertise lead - connection oriented